Reservation fee

If you receive an offer of a place on the MCL and you wish to accept it, you will be required to pay a reservation fee of £3,000 to secure your place. You must make the payment within one month of the date that the Postgraduate Admissions Office notifies you of your offer. The reservation fee will be applied against your course fee once you take up your place. There is a non-refundable processing charge of £45 for payment of your reservation fee. Unlike the reservation fee itself, this will not be applied against your fees.

Please note that failure to pay the reservation fee within one month of the PAO updating your online self-service account to indicate that you have been offered a place on the MCL will result in the revocation of the offer. Payment is due by the one-month deadline even if you have not met your offer conditions by that time. You can meet the conditions after you have paid the reservation fee as you have until the mid-summer date the PAO specifies to meet the conditions.

Unfortunately, the reservation fee payment deadline cannot be extended for any reason. Given the small size of the MCL cohort we must manage numbers very carefully. The reservation fee is an important part of that process. Correspondingly, we cannot alter the policies we have in place relating to it.

Subject only to very limited exceptions, the reservation fee will not be refundable. These exceptions are detailed in the MCL's Reservation Fee Refund Policy.

Before making your reservation fee payment you should ensure that you have read and understood the Reservation Fee Refund Policy as well as the details of your offer conditions on your self-service account, and the information in the Postgraduate Admissions Office booklet 'Your Offer and its Conditions'.

The MCL administrator will be notified automatically when you pay your reservation fee via the online store so there is no need to contact us independently to confirm payment.