Financial Matters

In 2022-23 the course fee for the MCL is £35,427, £3,000 of which takes the form of a reservation fee to secure a place on the course after an offer of admission to the programme has been made.

In addition to the course fee, MCL students should anticipate outlays of at least £12,000 on accommodation, living expenses and travel.

Detailed University information about finance, including fees and living costs, is available in the finance section of the University's Postgraduate Admissions Office website.

Before admission to the MCL programme can be finalised, the University requires all offer holders to complete the University’s Financial Undertaking Form to confirm that they can fully cover all of the costs related to undertaking their course of study. Offer holders, when they complete the form, undertake that they have 1) received funding to cover fully their tuition and living expenses, 2)will be covering their costs themselves or 3) will cover their costs through a combination of the first two methods if they have received partial funding. All offer-holders should carefully consider their financial circumstances before making this undertaking.

Please note that the Faculty of Law is only able to offer very limited funding to MCL offer holders, as outlined below. The Faculty of Law i cannot provide any other financial assistance to MCL students, including in cases where funding from another provider is reduced or withdrawn. As outlined on the University’s Financial Undertaking Form, students are responsible for covering any costs, including payment of their fees, in the event that a funder withdraws or reduces their funding.

General funding opportunities

The PAO's finance web pages contain information about University-related funding, including a funding database which prospective students can search to find sources of funding for which they are eligible, according to various criteria.

MCL-specific funding opportunities

Herbert Smith Freehills MCL Bursary 2022-23

Herbert Smith Freehills, one of the world’s leading professional services businesses, has kindly funded a bursary for one applicant admitted to the MCL programme for 2022-23. It covers half of the MCL tuition fees, or £17,713.50.

All applicants who are offered a place on the MCL are eligible to be considered for the Herbert Smith Freehills bursary. The MCL Admissions Committee will consider the files of all those to whom offers on the MCL programme have been extended so as to identify the bursary recipient. There is no need for those offered a place on the MCL to apply for the bursary. The bursary will be awarded on the basis of academic merit.