Why the MCL?

Those contemplating undertaking graduate studies in law have a wide range of options from which to choose. The factors dictating your choice will vary considerably depending on individual preferences.

The MCL is ideally suited to those who are seeking a strong corporate orientation within their graduate studies.

Key reasons include:

  • Cambridge's reputation as a world-renowned centre of academic excellence
  • the reputation of the MCL academic team as one of the strongest groups of corporate lawyers in the UK, Europe and beyond
  • the MCL curriculum's purely corporate orientation
  • the wider and more diverse range of corporate law courses offered on the MCL, compared to a typical Masters degree in law
  • the small size of the MCL cohort (approximately 25 students per year), which creates opportunities for a classroom environment involving much more student participation and interaction than is possible in many leading Masters courses
  • the fact that admission to the MCL is contingent upon excellent academic performance, meaning that students will be among a cohort of bright, motivated peers sharing similar interests

Please read further for a detailed description of the MCL.