Applications open for 2024-25

The Cambridge Law Faculty is now welcoming applications for the MCL for 2024-25. Read article

New student profiles added

We have updated our MCL student profiles, adding entries for the 2022-23 cohort. Read article

MCL curriculum finalised for 2023-24

The MCL curriculum has been finalised for 2023-24, subject to any currently unforeseen developments of which MCL students will be kept apprised. Read article

Matt Meyer to lead Law Firm as a Business module

The MCL Academic Team are delighted to announce that Matt Meyer will be joining the programme in the 2023-24 academic year as lead instructor for the popular MCL Law Firm as a Business module. Read article

New MCL module 2023-2024: Private Equity Law and Practice

The MCL programme will have a new module on offer in 2023-2024: ‘Private Equity Law and Practice’. Read article

Postgraduate Open Day MCL presentation 2022

Richard Hooley, Director of the MCL, gives an overview of the MCL programme. Read article