Career development

The MCL, as an academically rigorous programme taught by leading experts (both Faculty lecturers and external specialists) in corporate law and closely related fields, provides an excellent platform for students intending to practise law or aiming for a career as an academic, policymaker or regulator.

Given the rapidly evolving legal environment in which companies operate and the increasingly global reach of law firms, the need for innovative responses from lawyers specialising in corporate law and related fields has been increasing dramatically. A successful innovative lawyer must be able to craft and implement imaginative, effective solutions to a wide range of transactional and regulatory challenges. This not only means being well-acquainted with the law but also requires familiarity with the market context and techniques for adapting legal concepts to novel circumstances. The MCL is structured to prepare students for these facets of successful corporate-oriented practice, and thus provides an excellent academic platform for those who have embarked upon a legal career or will do so shortly and intend to specialise in the area of corporate law. The MCL will therefore be a valuable asset for those seeking to differentiate themselves in the rapidly evolving area of corporate-oriented legal practice.

The changing environment in which companies operate poses challenges for policymakers and regulators as much as it does for practising lawyers. Those responsible for formulating and implementing regulation governing corporate activity correspondingly will benefit from understanding evolving market techniques and regulatory trends in the same way as their counterparts in client-focussed legal practice. The MCL thus constitutes a valuable and engaging intellectual experience for lawyers whose career path is in the regulatory sector.

The MCL provides students with ample opportunity to engage with the key theoretical debates that energise the academic study of corporate law and related areas of law, offering substantial scope for expanding intellectual horizons. MCL students should therefore be well-equipped to pursue doctoral studies in corporate law, corporate governance and financial services regulation.