Legal Community

Those coming to Cambridge to take the MCL course benefit not only from the substantive content of the course but also from proximity to London and its various world-class law firms. London is one of the world’s pre-eminent legal centres and constitutes a key hub in what increasingly functions as a global market for legal services.

The MCL programme has a Practitioners Advisory Board, comprised of distinguished practitioners with considerable corporate law expertise. The Board offers valuable input for the MCL in general. In addition, many of its members are directly involved in the MCL's Deals Course and MCL-related extracurricular events.

The Law Faculty collaborates closely with the Cambridge University Careers Service to provide guidance and contacts to law firms based in London and elsewhere. The Careers Service assists Cambridge students with CV writing, interview preparation, networking skills and other activities designed to assist with career presentation and skills acquisition. The Careers Service also helps to provide students with opportunities to meet potential employers. This includes organising the annual Cambridge Law Fair, where numerous law firms provide information about themselves and discuss potential career opportunities, and an equivalent annual event for barristers.

Many MCL students come to Cambridge thinking possibly of ultimately practicing in the UK. Numerous MCL graduates have indeed gone on to do this, most often in London. The MCL thus can provide a platform for a career change. It is important to bear in mind, however, that transitioning into legal practice in the UK can be a challenging exercise for those who have studied law elsewhere. Of particular relevance in this context, an MCL degree does not offer any exemption from requirements those seeking to practice in the UK have to fulfil. Correspondingly, for MCL graduates qualifying to become a lawyer in the UK will be a multi-year process. The Law Faculty’s website provides guidance on becoming a barrister or solicitor in the UK. MCL applicants who are qualified to practice outside the UK should consult elsewhere on possible requalification exemptions.