Vinicius Alvarez

What were you doing before the MCL?

Before coming to Cambridge for the MCL I was working for a top tier Brazilian law firm (Veirano Advogados) as part of the Private Equity and Capital Markets practice. I had previously worked in other top tier Brazilian law firms in the M&A and corporate departments. I completed my Bachelor of Law (Bacharelado em Direito) from the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO) in 2012.

What were your impressions of the MCL?

The MCL and the whole experience of being a Cambridge student were much more than I could ever imagine. While the design of the MCL program is very intense and demanding, the workload is manageable, thus making it possible to take up all that the University of Cambridge and Colleges have to offer.

I believe the distribution of the modules and exams throughout the three terms is sensible and allows students to focus entirely on the topics at hand during each term. I also feel that the professors and lecturers were successful in preparing their lectures with a very practice-oriented approach, while still maintaining a strong focus on the main legal and analytical aspects involved. This approach is excellent, particularly for those who have already practiced before.

The small size of the MCL cohort is excellent as it is easier to get to know and interact with fellow students and the lecturers. The cohort was a very strong group with an outstanding work ethic. All candidates had a lot to contribute and were very keen on learning and sharing from their prior experience and different backgrounds. The Deals course provided invaluable experience, feedback and contact with practitioners on real transactions while also concentrating on the theoretical and economic perspectives applicable to each case. This was both very challenging and enriching.

Despite the shortfalls due to Covid-19 pandemic, I believe the University, St. Edmund’s College as well as the MCL and Law Faculty teams and library staff did a wonderful job and provided me with the adequate support necessary to complete my academic year.

What are your post-MCL plans and have they changed due to taking the MCL?

I have returned to Brazil and taken up my previous work position. Although my career plans have not changed, the MCL has given me the tools and opportunity to reflect on the many roads and challenges ahead. The MCL has also provided me with feedback in relation to what is expected and desired from practitioners as well as presented me with various new work and academic possibilities. I fully expect to pursue and put in practice all of what I have learned and experienced during this magnificent year which I will remember fondly for the rest of my life.