Sventlana Mikhaylova

What were you doing before the MCL?

Before joining the MCL course I received two degrees in law and economics and a PhD degree in International and European law. I lectured at the Bashkir State University where I developed a course on European Union and European Integration. After four years of employment with a major Russian bank (URALSIB Bank) and successful completion of the projects on restructuring of the banking group and development of collegial bodies system, I joined a leading Russian company providing financial services. Working as head of the legal department I dealt with a lot of corporate issues and contracts governed by English law. As I was always committed to professional development I decided to join MCL and study English law from the best academics and practitioners.

What were your impressions of the MCL?

I think the MCL gives great opportunities for students to acquire profound theoretical knowledge on corporate issues as well as practical skills related to corporate transactions. I especially appreciated the Deals Course with its fascinating lecturers (brilliant academics and leading practitioners), very good structure and extremely interesting and challenging assignments. The modules were very intense, challenging and rewarding, making you constantly push your boundaries. I am very grateful for this experience and would like to say “thank you very much” to all our lecturers and administrative staff.

What are your post-MCL plans and have they changed due to taking the MCL?

My future plans are to become a solicitor in the UK and join one the leading law firms, where I intend to specialise in corporate law.