Adeline Goh

What were you doing before the MCL?

I was a solicitor in England, working for several years at a magic circle law firm in London. I specialised in capital markets and structured finance law, and completed my training contract at the same firm in its London and New York offices. I became experienced in advising major financial institutions and companies on legal aspects of multi-jurisdictional debt capital markets transactions, including securitisations and restructurings.

Why did you take the MCL?

The Cambridge Law Faculty is world-renowned and I was impressed with the calibre of the academic staff. Furthermore, as an English law-qualified solicitor, I wanted to stay in the UK and Cambridge University is near to the financial hub of London, allowing me to remain close to the latest market and policy developments. I felt that the MCL programme would enable me to gain a more complete understanding of the legal and commercial issues relating to corporate law, and would go further than a general postgraduate law programme in enhancing my personal and professional development. I also believed the MCL would supplement my prior knowledge of capital markets and structured finance law with a more holistic view of corporate law.

What were your impressions of the MCL?

The MCL programme is fast-paced and rigorous, and the culture is student-driven. In addition to the core compulsory courses, the range of electives allowed me to tailor a program that best suited my learning objectives. The MCL courses are taught in the style of seminars similar to the case method, which encourages critical thinking and discussion between academics and students. Perhaps what I appreciated most about the MCL is that my classmates provided different perspectives because of our diverse professional backgrounds and nationalities. The interaction with my classmates both inside and outside of the classroom was a key part of my learning experience at Cambridge.

What are your post-MCL plans and have they changed due to taking the MCL?

I believe that the MCL programme is well-regarded in the legal industry. During the course of the programme, I received multiple approaches from prospective employers who presented various career opportunities including and beyond private practice. This was indicative of how the MCL programme boosted my career options. After completing the MCL, I intend to remain in private practice where I believe my skillset can be best leveraged. I believe that the MCL has expanded my professional network which will continue to benefit me in the future. On a personal level, I enjoyed my time at Cambridge and look forward to keeping in touch with my classmates.