Patrick Barros-Ortiz

What were you doing before the MCL?

Before joining the MCL I worked for an international law firm for three years as part of the M&A and corporate law team. I also worked for two years for a government entity in charge of designing and building public schools in my country. During that time I was also a professor of commercial law in Colombia.

What were your impressions of the MCL?

It was a life-changing experience. The opportunity of being part of Cambridge opens your mind and spirit to different experiences that enrich you in so many ways. But the MCL makes this more special because you have the chance to share more time with world-class lecturers, and it gives you a better understanding of how transactions really develop. The MCL is the perfect option if your intention is to understand how things really are in the corporate world.

What are your post-MCL plans and have they changed due to taking the MCL?

I want to help my country evolve in relation to corporate governance matters. Whether by working for a law firm or as part of the government, my top priority is to share all the knowledge that I have acquired during my time in Cambridge.