Faculty Establishes MCL Practitioners Advisory Board

As part of the launch of the Masters in Corporate Law (MCL) programme the Faculty of Law is delighted to announce the establishment of an MCL Practitioners Advisory Board ("the Board"). Members of the Board are each distinguished members of the legal profession with substantial experience in the corporate area:

Those serving on the MCL Practitioners Advisory Board will perform two basic functions, both of which will be crucial to the success of the MCL going forward. First, members of the Board will provide advice on the general direction of the course so as to ensure that the MCL has a strong practical dimension the students will value. Second, Board members will, in cooperation with members of their firm, be involved in the teaching of the Deals course, primarily with respect to providing insights on the role lawyers play in relation to corporate transactions. Not all members of the Board will participate in the teaching of the Deals course in a particular academic year but each will be directly involved in the near future.

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